Who is this site for?

This site is for the exclusive use of local Healthwatch. It is designed to help you deliver a strong, identifiable brand locally. It has been created to enable you to create and personalise your own resources to promote Healthwatch locally, as well as providing a single place to deliver communications tools and advice.  

Why use the templates?

This site as well as the templates on it have been produced following local requests. They are an easy and quick to use solution to enable you to deliver the brand professionally locally.  

There is no charge for you to create the materials in PDF format and print them on your home or office printer. If a large number of copies is required, it will be more economical for you to take the completed digital file to a local printer.

You don’t have to stare at a blank sheet of paper and create a design from scratch, or spend money on design work or specialist software. You are freed up to get on with what your local Healthwatch needs to do.

Importantly your local resources will have the same look and feel as national resources. Powerful and effective communications will help us all have a more positive impact.

About our brand

Our brand is one of our most valuable assets. It delivers and communicates our identity and it informs how people think and feel about Healthwatch. The messages we deliver are extremely important, that’s why we have produced this site to enable you to deliver the strongest brand possible locally. Our brand is made up of our words, actions, images, videos, logos, colours and design elements that help people to recognise and understand what we do. It also helps reinforce the strength of our network to have 152 local organisations, as well as Healthwatch England delivering the same brand across England.

The importance of brand

Whenever Healthwatch communicates, either locally or nationally, the proper look and feel should always be used. This helps put across clear messages about who we are, what we do and what people can expect from us. A strong and recognisable brand identity is an essential marketing tool for success in today’s competitive market place.

As interaction between Healthwatch and the public and key stakeholders grows as will recognition and understanding of Healthwatch.

How do I get permission to use the brand?

The brand for Healthwatch can only be used by a local Healthwatch organisation, with agreement from Healthwatch England. Following the publication of the local Healthwatch brand guidelines and the local Healthwatch brand terms and conditions, we have now published the local Healthwatch trade mark license agreement.

Once a local Healthwatch organisation is appointed they are required to complete the trade mark license agreement and return a copy to Healthwatch England, using the contact details in the document. The local Healthwatch can then start using their local brand materials.

Accessing the Communications Centre

To access the Communications Centre please go via the Healthwatch Hub.

If you are having any problems accessing the Healthwatch Hub or Communications Centre resources, please contact us.